Innovation in the kitchen

The revolution in the kitchen starts fromy knowledge, by a deep study of the area's history and what it offers. Transforming the tradition, while keeping it recognizable in its sacredness, it is the revolutionary choice of the Buatta starry Chef, Fabio Cardillo.Tickle taste buds with a mix of traditional and modern tastes is the goal of Buatta, who brings to the table the culinary delights of Sicily and Palermo commoner kitchen, reinterpreted in an original and never predictable with the use of high quality raw materials. Combine the knowledge of the oldest culinary traditions to a continuous search, it means bring to the table authentic delights for the palate.

From the beginning the island's poverty imposed a cuisine that included the use of a poor food, also freely collected in the fields. The tradition still alive today in the territory of Palermo, and that stands out from the rest of the island, is the result of a meticulous synthesis operated by “monsù “, the ancient name of the French chefs, who during the French monarchical supremacy in the island reworked local dishes of the great tradition of the past: Greek, Roman, Arab, Norman and Spanish to meet the tastes of the nascent local aristocracy who loved dishes of intense flavor.

From this union, born the Argentiera dish, pasta with sardines in the sea,cassata,caponata: all dishes with simple ingredients, but with a strong flavor. Culinary pleasures can satisfy the palates of the local nobility, and who have come along repeated by the restaurant Buatta, after a careful review of work in a contemporary way.

The kitchen is a serious matter

Search for quality seasonal ingredients, this is the heart of the restaurant Buatta mission. Bring out the best raw materials with the Sicilian territory turned into more and different dishes that follow the changing seasons and the availability of products . Because cooking is a matter of love for the land’s tradition which generously offers its fruits and consumers’.