Cultura e storia in tavola

Popular culinary tradition has its roots in an ancient past that recalls ancient Island ‘s dominions.Arabian, Norman, Spanish, French and all other communities that crossed or lived in the Sicilian Island enriche local culinary customs and gave life to particolar special dishes like a triumph of simplicity and elegance. From these cultural influences are born unique recipes , which require the use of a few simple ingredients : the result is an explosion of flavour and delicious dishes to be enjoyed in a unique location.

A culinary culture that shows the tracks and the contributions of all cultures present on the island over two millennia , recipes that have been handed down from generation to generation , a symbol of a very strong cultural identity , daughter of a mixture of popular derivation Sicilian cuisine and the finest French cuisine, developed in the eighteenth century during the rule of the French monarchy by monsù, French chefs called to direct the kitchens of the nobles.

It will be impossible not to hear the echo of tradition while enjoying a plate of pasta with sardines, the smell and colour of the sea that bathes Palermo eating octopus salad, the glare of the sun that nourishes the earth and allows the growth of aromatic herbs such as basil, oregano and mint and finish on a sweet note with the king and queen of the Sicilian pastry, cannoli and cassata .