Love of good food

The brigade of Buatta restaurant is a source of ideas, experimentation and study of local traditions, combined with great competence and love for good food and high quality raw materials: the aim is to involve guests with the proposal of always new menu which enclose the smells, tastes and colors typical of Sicily, reworked with imagination and modernity.

Thanks to the kitchen, the dining experience is not only linked to the dish that take you directly to the table: You can see the preparation, follow step by step the joyful brigade, led admirably by its starry Chef, who comes to the realization of the dish finished, see the passion and techniques developed by the whole team to bring to the table dishes with authentic flavour.

Right from your arrival you will feel pampered and welcomed in an informal setting, to discover the great Sicilian culinary tradition and in particular that of Palermo: you'll find tips for best culinary combinations and the dishes not to be missed, along with the choice of a good local wine. You will take with you the memory of a relaxing experience in which predominate the flavors and smells typical of the island and the passion of the brigade, engaged in a continuous process of renewal of the traditions in a contemporary way.

Starry Chef

The secret of the sucess of Buatta is also its starry Chef Fabio Cardillo: it offers a cuisine that derives from the popular Sicilian tradition that of Palermo, but reformulated in a modern way. The experience of a chef awarded a Michelin star in 1996, it is to promote growth and diversity of the restaurant menu. Absolute strengths: respect for the raw material, always the protagonist in the world famous dish and choice of using just a few ingredients combined with simplicity and harmony.