Ingredients of high quality and Slow Food Presidia

A modern open kitchen allows you to watch behind the scenes of Buatta restaurant and peek during the stages of the products selection and the preparation of dishes. The act of looking is both a guarantee of quality, a quality that starts from the choice of raw materials from local producers and growers and that results in excellent dishes.

Buatta’s pantry is made up of fresh elements, fish, meat, vegetables of excellent quality, flour, preserves, wines and fine products, Slow Food Presidia goods that you can buy in our store to take home the memory of a trip and in a unique dining experience in the full exploitation of the Sicilian local productions.

Slow Food is an international non-profit association, founded in 1986 by Carlo Petrini, which states that "the food is more than just a product to be consumed: it is happiness, identity, culture, conviviality, nourishment, the local economy, survival".

For this, the association Slow Food is committed to restore value to food, emphasizing the work of those who produce in harmony with environment and ecosystems, thanks to the knowledge of which they are custodians of territories and local traditions’. Carlo Petrini proposes new patterns of consumption, for less food wastage but for greater respect for the environment and men, based on three simple criteria: a "good" food, is based on production methods which do not alter the naturalness, "clean", that is produced in an environmentally friendly and "right", that is, in line with social justice concepts in production and distribution processes and products while respecting the cultural and environmental diversity. The Slow Food Presidia support small traditional products at risk of extinction, protect territories, recover ancient crafts and processing methods, safeguard native breeds and varieties of vegetables and fruits.

Prodotti stagionali e presìdi Slow Food

Our Chef proposals take care about the seasonal alternation, and are built on the availability and high quality of the ingredients is the value of Buatta restaurant. Precious and available elements according to the seasons to enjoy the moment in which they occur in all their freshness and maintain their organoleptic qualities.