Local excellence for authentic tastes

Products used for the preparation of the dishes which are possible to admire in their exposure of large wooden and glass display cases inside the restaurant, come from farms that grow it with passion and love in an absolute manner respecting the earth.

Local producers bring forward an idea shared by Buatta restaurant: the food has an absolute value and is necessary to promote those who produce the raw materials without which the finished product might not be excellent. Many products in the pantry down the Buatta restaurant, come from "Lombardo Farm" farm of Menfi, overlooking the valley of Contrada Gurra Soprana, at Menfi (AG) in the south-western Sicily. It was founded in 1999 by the desire of two parents, Pino and Rosa, to create a future for their children. The company assumes that the earth is life, it is a living being, and as such should be respected. Sixteen hectares are planted with vines, olive trees, vegetables, arable land and orchard. The main crops are vineyards and olive groves; the olive cultivation has been passed down for two generations. Four hectares are cultivated varieties of Nocellara del Belice, Biancolilla and Cerasuola. In 2008 the company is certified Bio and marries the project of healthy eating and producing quality. From 2009 begins to produce vegetables in open field and to adopt alternative sales systems such as e-commerce. In addition the start pursuing initiatives direct to information and education. Crops are grown respecting the seasonal productions, all fertilizers and products used are natural or plant extracts, practicing crop rotation. On the farm there are also farmyard animals such as geese, Muscovy ducks, turkeys, chickens, laying hens but especially precious, that every day offer tasty eggs. The farmer's work today is not only to cultivate to produce, but to cultivate in respect of the land, increase fertility (now lost) of the soil and keep the agrosystem, managing it to the limit of an ecosystem, natural , where it is nature to dictate the pace and not man. Our customers can take home the experience of Buatta, purchasing the products on display and Buattine: jams and special dressings like our customers are, special.

Le Buattine

Le antiche vetrine del ristorante, riportate all'antico splendore da un sapiente lavoro di restauro, oggi custodiscono una grande varietà di prodotti provenienti dai fornitori locali, destinati alla vendita ed alla preparazione dei piatti. Le Buattine sono scrigni prezioni: ognuna contiene marmellate, confetture e condimenti. Autentiche delizie da portare a casa per ritrovare l'esperienza Buatta.