Valuable production, herald of the island’s identity

The Buatta restaurant supports artisan techniques of traditional productions carried on with love and dedication in full respect of territorial enhancement and recovery of ancient crafts and processing techniques, which often safeguard native breeds and varieties of vegetables and fruits.

Buatta collaborates with Slow Food producers in the belief that the revolution in the kitchen starts from an insight by the rediscovery of flavors and fragrances related to our territoriality. Through producers, consumers will discover a new way of cooking, respectful of the land and the exaltation face of its fruits. The work of farmers with whom Buatta decided to bind today is not only to cultivate to produce maximizing the potential of the earth, but to cultivate respect for nature, increase soil fertility and preserve the agrosystem, respecting the natural ecosystem, observing nature and allow her to dictate the rhythm of life.

Buatta loves the earth and its fruits, enhanced and brought to the table with great skill by the chef and the whole staff. All productions used in the preparation of dishes are of a very high quality and can be bought at the restaurant: you can find fine productions of olive oil, wine, legumes, cheese, meat, fruit and vegetables in season, excellence bearers of the island identity.