Respect for tradition and excellent raw materials

In the historical city center of Palermo, close to the cosmopolitan and joyful Vucciria market, inside the Ancient Valigeria Quattrocchi of 1870, of which there are still some Art Nouveau elements such as the old cabinets, marble floors, columns, windows and the sign, combined with elements from contemporary taste as the open – plan kitchen, you will be immersed in a casual and convivial place, to taste dishes of the best Sicilian tradition and particularly of Palermo.

The modern open kitchen is opposed to the ancient location style like creating a dialogue between the old Palermo and the style of a city that we want to project into the future. The idea is to bring you back in time to those smells and flavors reminiscent of a rich family lunch and, at the same time look at the future together, a new multicultural and modern dimension, offering dishes from the kitchen and Sicilian popular tradition recounted in a modern and innovative way.

It will be our pleasure to make you discover dishes such as caponata, pasta with sardines, Sicilian cannoli and cassata, tell you about their origin, a history that began long ago, that never will be forgotten, in a new interpretation. To do this we have chosen to collaborate with Sicilian producers and enhance a kitchen with use of km0 products: also support local traditional products that carry on with artisan techniques work love and dedication, in full respect of territorial enhancement and recovery of ancient crafts and knowledge. The goal is to bring genuine and authentic products to the table.

Social table

A welcoming round table, located in the center of the restaurant, which calls for dialogue: the idea is to share the meal with the company of people not known until then. It will become a moment of conviviality and life experience exchange, to best enjoy the delicacies proposed by the wise art of the chef. It will be a new and an unforgettable experience, an opportunity to chat and learn with curiosity good proposals, along with new friends.