Bridge between antiquity and modernity

Large windows in wooden cabinets with an exhibition of products for sale and the preparation of dishes, black and white floor originally from the early twentieth century to its former glory to tell the story and the importance of the place, columns art nouveau, tables furnished with modern taste, an extraordinary and modern open - plan kitchen: all this welcome guests inside the Buatta restaurant, housed in the premises of Valigeria Quattrocchi of 1870, in the heart of the historic center of Palermo, Corso Vittorio Emanuele.

Buatta is a container, this is the meaning of his name, where antiquity and modernity come together and never lost sight of. Every detail has been designed by the architect Fatima Costa, along with Franco Virga, with the intention of transferring a sense of mixing old and new, ancient and modern also in place: Buatta, in fact, is a place suspended between the past and the future with the roots well steadfast in tradition that emerge not only in the physical space within which is housed the restaurant, but also in the choice of telling the link between past and present in the dishes. The restoration has been studied in detail with the idea of creating a bridge between past and future, to rediscover the ancient flavors of the Sicilian culinary tradition especially that of Palermo. The restoration starts from the desire to revive a place that can convey new meanings to the place and its cuisine.