Fabio Cardilio: Portrait of a Chef


Fabio Cardilio, 55, a Roman by birth but a Palermo citizen by adoption.

He arrived in Palermo more than 30 years ago, to work alongside his brother, owner of "La Muciara" Porticello where the Chef started his career in the kitchen. The passion for cooking explodes like a volcano and so Fabio returned to Rome to study and deepen their knowledge of raw materials.

When he returned to Palermo he was ready to explore all the intricacies of southern cooking and doid so with a clear objective: get the Michelin star that came in 1996 while at the helm of Muciara.

The secret of his success lies in the attitude respectful  for the raw material that, in his opinion, must always be a player in the pot; For this reason, he uses a few  products and combines them with simplicity and harmony.

His passion for cooking meets with the one for reading and it is a pleasure to listen him while he describes a dish as the caponata or pasta with sardines about the origin, provenance, history.

The meeting with Franco and Stefania, masters of Gagini home, eldest son of the Good Company, was made at a dinner at Gagini. Enchanted by its professionalism, Franco and Stefania decided to entrust him the kitchen of Buatta.

Since then, the Chef Fabio Cardilio was able to infuse to the Buatta project, the entire personality of the dishes it needed to excel in the landscape of Palermo restaurants.