Menu of Torino

Menu of Torino

Territory, seasonality, sustainability

We use “Tenute Costa” and “Geraldo di Nola” pasta for our dishes, bronze-drawn and with slow natural drying.


We use only fish from our own sea, caught by small local fisheries.In case of unavailability, the product is not replaced by frozen.


The meat we serve is selected from local farmers respectful, conscientious and animal lovers.


Vegetables, fruits and legumes
We only choose small local producers who respect the land and look after it with sacrifice and love.

Slow food presidia
Slow food is an organization that supports small traditional productions that risk disappearing, enhancing territories, recovering ancient crafts and manufacturing techniques, saving native breeds and plant varieties from extinction. By saving bio diversity, save the planet. We are proud to have been awarded the “Chiocciola” for 2023 from “Osterie d’Italia” Slow Food guide.


Some products we use in our dishes according to the gifts of the season
Lentils from Ustica or black lentils from Enna, capers from Pantelleria, frascatula, Lampedusa sardines, “savuru” of our seas, “vuggiuolu” fish of infinite sweetness, Mediterranean bluefin tuna when it is “tempu ri tunnu”. organic chicken and sausage from the Pennisi butcher shop, Ragusano DOP from Floridia Giovanni, Madonite snails and Sicilian mushrooms, sea salt from Mozia.