“Viva la Vita” Menu – Palermo

“Viva la Vita” Menu – Palermo

Viva la vita

Chef Fabio Cardilio reinterprets the popular cuisine making it modern, praising the beauty of life and enjoying the gifts of the land of the sea. Every day Fabio will propose a new menu using the raw materials related to the territory, the seasonal vegetables and fruits of artisan farmers, the legumes of the Slow Food presidia, the organic meat of small farmers and the catch of the day of the local marinerie. You can choose whether to discover the menu “viva la vita” through 6 courses or individual
specials of the day.

6 courses

Tasting menu


The tasting menu is a fantasy of the chef (in the case of allergies or intolerances we recommend to choose from the dishes present in the À la carte menu)